Jeffrey D. Muller, PE



February 2008


The Vanderburgh Surveyor's office is in the process of scanning the full-size subdivision plats, the 'old' red plat books and other large documents filed in the office. This is a time-consuming undertaking and your patience is appreciated. 


The Vanderburgh County Surveyor would like to thank Easley Engineering for giving us copies of their PCX files of scans of the Red Plat Books. The scanning of documents in plat books A through I is especially time consuming. The books have to be taken apart, plats taken out of their protective sleeves and then fed through the scanner. Hopefully the PCX files will suffice for the time being.


The plats are being scanned on a Vidar Surveyor 600e scanner. It can scan up to 42" wide documents and can scan in black & white, gray scale or color. In order to achieve a balance between file size and legibility, the majority of documents are being scanned in black and white at 300 dpi. In special instances items are being scanned in color, but the file size is extremely large. 


As always the Vanderburgh County Surveyor wants to make as much information available to engineers, surveyors, developers, and the public as possible. There is no charge to access this information or to use it, but please be aware the scanner does have costs associated with it. There are 'consumables' that wear out. The replacement glass on the scanner costs around $400 to replace. If you find this information helpful in your work, please consider 'buying' a map or two so that we may have money available to purchase scanner consumables. Checks should be made out to the "Vanderburgh Treasurer".  This money is deposited into the Surveyor's map account #2420.


The "Subdivisions" directory is further broken down into:

Indiana State Boundary Ind Ky Coordinates
Numbered Subs
Other Scans Drainage Plans
Site Plans
Red Plat Books PCX Scans (Broken down by books)
Redbook Indexes (Individual book indexes)
Subs (Alphabetically by name)


Please bring any errors to Linda Freeman's attention. You may reach her at 812-435-5210 or via e-mail at LFreeman @ -- use no spaces in the e-mail address. (Trying to elude the web crawlers and their spam.)  Suggestions, comments & critiques are appreciated.


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Area Plan has an index listing of subdivisions available at -- look in the left hand bar area.


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